MEBSİS Engineering is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, employers and guests in all operations. With its regular meetings and trainings, it ensures that all personnel working in the field or at the workshop are aware of the highest level of occupational health and safety. It always makes the necessary inspections with internal and external mechanisms to improve itself and improves itself according to the feedbacks received.

MEBSIS Engineering is dedicated to the projection of danger and adoption of occupational safety as a culture. It has been a company that has caught up with the age with its safety training programs. Our employees are subject to continuous training programs within the scope of their job responsibilities so that they can manage their potential danger and work safety in every new environment and every moment of their lives with their awareness and impressed consciousness. MEBSİS Engineering also promises to keep the value it gives to the environment at the highest level in all the environments it works.

Our aim is to ensure the excellence of the environment, occupational health and safety that is sustainable and developable in every environment we are in.


Environmental impacts and sustainability

MEBSİS Engineering is committed to minimize the environmental impacts of the operations carried out. Our company show maximum sensitivity in all our working area with the following subjects;

  • Impact on air quality
  • Sensitivity to energy and water resources
  • Restriction of hazardous wastes

Our aim is not only to meet the requirements stipulated for current legislation but also to guide determining new standards by exceeding them.