MEBSİS Engineering's vision is to become a leader in Turkey and a recognized company against its long-known rivals that exist for a long time in abroad with its work safety, reliability, sustainability, creativity and production-oriented work.

The biggest share in the sustainable success of our operations is the values that guide our company. Our company's indispensable values are occupational health and safety, reliability, customer-oriented solutions and teamwork.

Occupational Health and Safety: Our company makes sure that every step is taken safely, each individual has completed his/her work safely and peacefully and return home by prioritizing occupational health and safety.

Reliability: Our company's trust basis composes of doing the right job at the right time and to know be responsible for what we do.

Customer Oriented Solutions: Our company is committed to creating completely business-oriented solutions to enable its customers to reach their results under all provisions and conditions.

Team Work: Our company knows that the success of its operations can be achieved not only with a single person, but with everyone working with the same sensitivity as a team, with honesty and respect and understanding to the stakeholders in the same environment.